When you come for a date ...

I will welcome you right at the front door in the first floor and show you round our tantra temple. You see the shower, the bathroom and with pleasure I present the spa area with floating tank and sauna.
Along the festively lightened hallway, we receive our mutual realm of senses.

The whole place is slightly pervaded by the odoriferousness of ethereal essences.
A bunch of candles create a beautiful dimmed light. In the center of the tasteful clear shaped room, you see a capacious massage futon with numerous cushions under a canopy.
Most beautiful shades of warm red and oriental stylistics create a seductively beautiful atmosphere. For your comfort you get a sarong.

Slowly my Sarong drops, then yours ...

Maybe you come directly from your job and like to take a shower first. No problem. Anything is set for you.
And of course, we talk a little about what you like and dislike concerning the massage, your wishes and what you expect from the massage.
Soft music fills the air now – our hands meet each other, we breathe together – slowly my sarong drops, then yours …
You make yourself comfortable on the purely white covered soft futon.

Now you sink right into a time und thoughtless space, where only the touch of my hands and body exist, thoughts are passing by like clouds in the soft summer wind.
The only thing that’s left is contact– skin on skin. Sometimes soft and gentle, then strong and energizing.
You surrender to the sentience of your body, the sentiments of your heart, the feelings of your soul.

My healing hands - soft and energizing

You get into the floating, soaring higher and higher to the crests, the pinnacle of highest blissfulness, to sheer delight.
If you like, you can experience an orgasm, but of course, there is no must! After this, my healing hands and fingers work themselves through your chakras, the seven energy centers, and ensure with soft movements, that your Kundalini energy is able to stream from soul to body, from spirit to mater, that no more blockings will spoil your well-being, your physical comfort.

And after this - sheer blissfulness

After the massage you enjoy another shower and we can have a little exchange of experiences.
Did you like it? What was special, what was not? If you like, there is always time enough for a cup of Green tea and a little talk. If you don’t want to take any further spa-application, I accompany you to the exit and your revisit is always welcome.

Some delicious, divine game

Each LEELA Tantra Massage is unique. Like I said, my name is a symbol.
I consider the massage as a delicious, divine game, to indulge our body, to nurse and foster to keep the body healthy.
When I do a massage, there is always a deep relationship, which differs from person to person, and each massage is very individual. For me and myself, it has to do very much with rhythm, what kind of harmony appears.
It's almost like a song, let's compose one together.

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