Tantra - what is it?

Many people, when they hear or read the word »Tantra«, are interested at first. But most of them have only a diffuse image of the subject and others are immediately rejected, thinking it is some far-east sexual red-light business..

The term »Tantra« comes from the ancient classical Indian language »Sanskrit «and means nothing less than comprehensive, propagating wisdom. 2000 years ago, Indian philosophers developed the conception, that everything in the universe is energy and everything in the cosmos is united.

The first tantric scriptures are found in the dialogs between God Shiva, symbol for the active, male part, and his wife Parvati, his passive and female counterpart.

Between The Lines

You must read between the lines to understand the ideas, where sometimes Shiva is the teacher and sometimes Shiva is Parvati’s disciple. These talks, where the role between teacher and disciple changes, are known as »Tantras«. Over the centuries, long before they were written down, they were passed from generation to generation in a form of rhythmic and melodically poems, almost like in modern Rap-Music.

Rituals And Practice

Tantrikas, as the followers of these teachings are called, use in rituals and practices the whole range of their senses and are focused on a positive approach to life. They use specials forms of meditations, yoga, mantras and mudras. They work with the flow of fine energies in the body and specials energy points called chakras.

Nadis And Chakras

This fine energy flows in streams called »Nadis«, and span all over the body and are centered in seven points called »chakras«. Here they enter the duality of the material world as female or male quality, as progressive or standstill quality, as Shiva or Shakti, as Master or Disciple.

The divine female godess – the »Kundalini-Energy« – Tantra pictures a rolled snake in a basket, located at the far end of the spine. You can fire this energy and it rises like a spiral from chakra to chakra, until it unites in the highest chakra, »the Sahasraha-Energy«, which is its male counterpart. Tantra calls this process the Divine Wedding, which is equal to the state of enlightment.

The Touch Of Knowing Fingers

A tantra massage is used to let the energy flow free through its streams und sparks the fire of the Kundalini power. The effects take place on the physical, sensual and spiritual level, immediately. On the long run, the body gains beauty and vitality, the feelings grow deeper and euphoric, thoughts and thinking get more creative, fresh and clear.

The touch of knowing fingers loosens blockades and energy can float freely, which strengthens health in all body parts. Tensions caused by wrong thinking and wrong doing will be loosed, spasms will be solved, so that live energy finds its way everywhere in our body.

Holistic Therapy

The benefits if a tantra massage is not only helpful on the physical level, also our sensual and spiritual development improves immensely. This is the reason, why a tantra massage is called a holistic therapy.

Touch of Tantra

You see, tantra is no far-east sexual red-light business at all. It is more an invitation to give the »touch of tantra« a try.

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