This is the look and feel of LEELA Tantra Lounge. The ambience is filled in a slight oriental style. For your comfort you get an Indian Sarong. There is a »Spa«-area with a shower. Relax under a cloth canopy with numerous cushions.



LEELA is a qualified tantra masseur, and a trained Qigong and aroma-therapist. Her special subjects are »Satori« (the search of the inner self) and »Path Of Love« (development of the spiritual potential through the path of the heart). Her mother tongue is German. LEELA speaks English, Italian and some French.


My skills, enthusiasm and my passion for sensual and emotional touching is combined with deep energy work. We both dive into the sea of highest bliss. Amidst a pleasant oriental atmosphere we switch off the profane and enter the tantric world of ecstasy …

Warm oil, naked skin as smooth as silk and intimate heart to heart experience caresses the soul and suddenly …

Relaxation and transformation become possible.



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