*** B R E A K I N G – N E W S ***

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Mon. – Sunday
Between 9:30 und 23:30h

*** B R E A K I N G – N E W S ***

Leela Spirit


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The LEELA Tantra Lounge

is a modern
Massage & Feel Good-Oasis in Munich’s North.
In a sensual, slightly oriental atmosphere,
I offer you:

Holistic Tantra Massage

Wellness Massages


Touch: The Language Of The Heart

A touch is the most intensive way of communication.
Almost every creature understands this language – without any misunderstanding.
A touch goes straight to the heart, hits our deepest emotions.

The body is nothing else but the reflection of the heart,
a fragile, frail structure of form, movement and light.
A touch is a playful dance with the world, a playful dance between YOU and I.

Whenever two souls mirror each other while dancing
and when someone sees himself in the eyes of someone,
that’s when our hearts beam brightest

Sometimes almost heavenly bright . . .

A LEELA Tantra Massage

is an ecstatic-erotic experience and
sometimes it's just a pure fun happening,
but very often it is much more than this:

When you are prepared to admit,
this tantric journey might become a mind changing event.

Phone for a date (SMS/Email) and make a visit at


0157 – 5245 9381


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