Leela Tantra Massages

The sensual erotic LEELA Tantra Full Body Massage is based on the philosophy of classical Tantra and contains tantric rituals and practices of Neotantra, which was developed from it. For the rise of the Kundaline energy, the massage contains sensual and affectionate touches of the intimate area (Yoni/Lingam massage). If you like, you can experience an orgasm, but of course there is no must! After the massage you can go for a shower and we can have a little exchange of experiences. If you like, there is always time enough for a cup of tea and a little talk.

LEELA Tantra Massage: Tantric Full Body Massage for epicures with extensive Yoni/Lingam massage.

90min 200€

For Starters: Test massage for getting to know

60min 160€

LEELA Tantra Massage »Ocean of Delight«
Two-hour luxury variation indulges aficionados and connoisseurs with oceanic pleasures (yoni/lingam massage and sacred space (prostata) stimulation.

120min 260€

Four Hand Massage: Four hands take you to the crests of sheer delight. The pinnacle of highest blissfulness. You can choose a female or a male colleague.

60min 320€ 90min 400€ 90min 580€

Mobile Massage
Mobile Massage 60 min
Mobile Massage 90 min
Mobile Massage 120 min

60min 250€
90min 280€
120 min 340€



No sexual intercourse, no exchange of body fluids.
You receive and I perform. You stay passive, I am the active part.


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Couple Massage

The LEELA Tantra Couple Massage is a extraordinary gift for true lovers, partners or friends. Tantric full body massage with extensive Yoni/Lingam massage. You can choose a female or male colleague.

90min 450€

120min 580€

Wellness Massages

Die Aroma Massage joins the pleasant effect of full body massages (no intimate area) and the effects of odoriferous ethereal essences.

45min 90€

The Ayurveda Massage balances the so called Doshas. Vata (air), Kapha (earth and water) and Pitta (fire and water).

45min 90€

The Relaxation Massage is a gentle journey with deep impact. Its rhythmic movements, once soft and gentle, then strong and energizing, reliefs body and soul.

45min 90€

Hawaiian Massage (Lomi-Lomi Nui) combines energizing dancelike movements and touches, breathing and energy work.

45min 90€


Please come in time and plan with 30 min. after the massage for relaxation and shower. Credit cards are not accepted. All dates must be confirmed at least 2 hours before the booked date, otherwise they expire. You can confirm your dates by phone, SMS or via Email. No dates via disabled phone numbers!



0157 – 5245 9381

Booked dates only!


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