Welcome To My Easiness

Since many years I walk the path of a tantrica. I am an epicure, a willower and my temper is that of the light-foot cat, adoring the moonshine and the smell of the sea. I trust colors and fragrance and sounds – I’m attracted by the silvery shimmer of palm leaves and the infatuating perfume of the creamy white Frangipani blossoms, in Asia called temple flowers.

Expedition to the
Home of Tantra

India called me, when I was a child and India sparked a fire in my soul, like I never experienced before. My soul found home and my brain found answers. My search led me straight to tantra and like enchanted I followed this exciting and sensual path. By chance there is no end in sight.







Osho and Poona

The time in several Indian ashrams was important for my development. Many courses, specially during the phase in Poona with Osho, helped me to free my sexuality and to break the dictatorship of my ego. Later, when I led tantra massage courses myself, and when I was able to see the healing power of kundalini energy in the participants with my own eyes, I discovered the intuitive wisdom in my aware hands.

My Sensual Path as a Tantrica

As I found the way to break the tyranny of thinking and wishing, something bigger overtook the control over my sessions. The effect was both ways. My body as well as the bodies of the participants increased in beauty and vitality. The emotions grew deeper and deeper, tangibly euphoric, and my spirit became creative, fresh und clear.

Our Encounter as Travelers

Our body, our skin is like a map of our soul. I am the traveler, who may explore your landscape with my hands and fingers, following the rivers of energy, where life ebbs and flows and makes you feel vivid. It is always new ground, each time I start a massage expedition. And I love to take you with me for this exiting journey – to your innermost self.

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